Fritz Heede

Fritz Heede is a Los Angeles based music composer/producer and multi-instrumentalist who weaves eastern and western influences into dramatic and evocative works.

Fritz has created music for feature films and television specials like NBC’s Emmy winning “Mystery of the Sphinx” where he worked with Charlton Heston.  This launched his Egyptian period that lead him to go to Giza and record in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid…

Fritz HeedeFritz Heede Giza Sphinx and Pyramid  emmy-award Fritz Heede

…and more recently the  SyFy Event “Aliens On The Moon”.

640px-Syfy_ident_3D-620x330crop  Aliens on the Moon Fritz Heede

He is an accomplished guitarist having specialized in Flamenco guitar. He is competent with the Indian Sitar and the Turkish Saz and has skills with exotic hand drum percussion. Though, he works mainly with piano and electronic keyboards,  he prefers to incorporate acoustic instruments in his music for their organic articulations.

He co-created the  surreal art DVDs “Illuminated Manuscripts” and  “Ritual Path” which features Jon Anderson of YES, as well as Lithuanian-American singer-songwriter Nijole Sparkis, for whom Fritz produced the world-pop CD “Parallel Universe”.

Fritz then started co-writing with Jon Anderson and produced a lush innovative album, “Dream Dancing”,  that is now being expanded.

     Fritz Heede YES         Fritz Heede Dream Dancing CD 

Fritz Heede  created a collection of Exotic Dance music for dancer Dolphina. A tribute, in the form of Goddess Music.

StarHe has collaborated with other fine artists like ANJANI, Julian Lennon and Nijole Sparkis.

Fritz Heede also directed/edited and co-produced the feature documentary “Caesar’s Messiah”.

Fritz Heede Caesar's Messiah

Fritz recently joined fellow musical artists Peter Gabriel and Stewart Copleland of The Police, and many more in contributing to Project Peace On Earth’s “2 Unite All”,  a GAZA and Middle East healing and peace benefit album.

Fritz Heede Peter Gabriel

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